Gathering for Good is the signature convening series of the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation.


Gathering for Good is designed to bring together diverse groups of individuals to spark conversations and action about critical issues that will define our state and our future using design thinking methodology. The goal of Gathering for Good is to surface potential solutions, assist attendees in collaboration, build a strong network, and support the emergence of new ideas that can create impact on the community-level.

The Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation conducts one signature Gathering for Good series per year. The series topic is chosen based on emerging community theses identified through community input, ideas and themes surfaced in the previous year, and Fellowship projects.

Each event is oriented around the un-conference model where speakers provide context and inspiration but, ultimately, it is the participants who become the speakers and leaders over the course of the evening.



Outcomes for individuals and organizations include:

  • Deepened understanding of North Carolina and the issues that will define the future of our state
  • Becoming equipped with potential avenues for service to our community
  • Increased exposure to collaboration and design thinking
  • Community and partner buy-in to new ideas and solutions
  • Expanded network to achieve desired community impact


Past outcomes for the communities served have included: