Seth Saeugling

2016 Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation Fellow


seth's impact

During the 2016 Fellowship, Seth worked alongside the NC Community Foundation to use human centered design process to conduct participatory research and create investment strategy for a $20 million endowment for rural community development.

Seth also contributed as a researcher & author to the NC Early Childhood Foundation's national effort to increase local funding for early childhood programs by producing a series of case studies published in the Local Funding for Early Learning Toolkit. Recommendations are in the process of being implemented in counties across North Carolina to allocate tax based funding sources for early childhood.

Lastly, Seth worked to identify the feasiblity of building solar farm business to generate new funding for early childhood programs in rural communities. Based on expired tax credits, it was identified as the wrong time to pursue this business venture.

Read Seth's blog post, Coming Back Home to North Carolina; Meet Seth (6/6/16)

Read more from Seth, Using Venture Philanthropy to Bridge the Divide Between Urban & Rural America (5/1/17)

because of JKHF

Through Jamie Kirk Hahn's network of supporters and doers, Seth was able to re-connect with rural Eastern North Carolina from his time as a high school teacher. Thanks to the Fellowship bringing Seth back to North Carolina, he secured funding to do full time work on identifying new models, that are designed for the needs of rural communities, that mitigate the negative impact of trauma/ACES and support healthy development for our most vulnerable kids.

Read more about Seth.

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Entrepreneur in Residence, NC Public School Forum - Early Childhood ACES/Trauma Project Co-Director



Program Development, Organizing People, Organizing Resources, Creating a Vision, Building Buy-In, Creating Partnerships & Supporters, Executing, Human-Centered Design