Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Project Partners

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+ Who is the fellows' employer?

JKHF. We hire the Fellow and conduct a background check for each individual. We are also responsible for payroll taxes.

+ How do you screen your applicants?

All applicants complete a written application and an interview with our Search Committee. All finalists are asked to complete a background check prior to being hired by JKHF.

+ Do I have to have physical space for the Fellow to sit?

No. We provide space for the Fellow to work at Loading Dock on project days as needed. If you do not have a physical location where you can sometimes work alongside your Fellow, we encourage you to come visit us as Loading Dock and meet with them in person. We can offer you high-speed internet access as our guests.

+ What do I get for hosting a Fellow?

Time and talents of a young professional for approximately 20 hours/week over 12 weeks

+ What days/times do I have access to my Fellow?

Fellows have dedicated XXX hours/week to work with their project partners on XXX and XXX days. Additionally, Fellows will be accessible via e-mail on XXX for approximately XX hours/day to accomplish simple tasks such as checking and replying to emails.

On XXX and XXX, Fellows will be completing key curriculum components as part of their Fellowship program.

+ What if I have an important meeting or event during a time outside of the 20 hours/week commitment that I'd like the fellow to attend?

We want Fellows to experience all your organization has to offer--this includes board meetings, community outreach efforts, and more. Fellows can miss curriculum sessions with prior approval from the Director of Programs and/or the Senior Fellow for opportunities that will supplement their assigned project or overall Fellowship experience.

+ What skills or experience can I expect from a Fellow?

The skills and experiences of our Fellows will vary depending on who is selected. Most Fellows have skills or experiences typically acquired through the completion of a Bachelor's degree, with some Fellows having several years of professional work experience or graduate degree work.

+ What makes a good project?

  • Community outreach component where Fellows can understand the importance of your organization's work
  • Deliverables that can be completed over the summer with 20 hours/week commitment on the indicated days.
  • Project tasks which provids opportunities for using different skills and connecting with multiple professionals in the field, and which can evolve and grow based on the interests of the fellow
  • Multiple people invested in/knows about the project within the organization

+ Do I get to select my Fellow?

You’ll be provided with materials about each Fellow so that you can see their talents and interests.

You will be able to indicate your interest in the Fellows we have selected when you meet them on Sunday, April 16. This social event is an opportunity for you to meet them and decide if you would be a good match.

+ What are the desired qualities of the Lead Supervisor on the project?

Being available to the Fellow, communicating openly and honestly with Fellow and JKHF staff, and providing support and professional guidance are the top characteristics desired by our Fellows.

Our Fellows are only working on your project for a short time, so it’s important that you maximize their ability to do their work by responding to them in a timely manner and giving them the information they need to continue to make progress on their project.

For more information, please download our project partner handbook and check out our page on Hosting a Fellow.

+ What financial contribution is required by the host organization?

Based on the size of your organization's budget, we ask for a contribution at the following rates:

  • $1,000,000+ budget - $3,500
  • $500K-999K budget - $2,500
  • $250K-$499K budget - $1,500
  • Less than $250K budget - $750

Unable to chip in? Scholarships are available!