Alison Lee

2017 Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation Fellow


Alison's impact

Alison mapped the food assets in the Triangle region as they related to farming, educating, advocating, preparing, processing, aggregating, distributing, redistributing, funding, connecting and social enterprises organizations. Through this mapping process, Alison identified gaps and overlaps in our current food system. This map was sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, but is available to anyone interested in accessing it. Click here to see the geographical map on Google maps

Additionally, in parternship with Merritt's Chapel United Methodist Church in Chatham County, Alison increased community awareness and education around food for the congregation, such as building a vegetable garden as a part of summer Vacation Bible School. Through community engagement and capacity building, Alison helped the church leadership identify next steps to supporting local members of the congregation facing food insecurity. 

Watch Alison's video.

Read Alison's blog, She Sparks: Fellow Alison Lee Reflects on Her Time with Merritt’s Chapel United Methodist Church (8/22/17)


because of JKHF

"The fellowship changed my life. I have never really considered what a career in public service looked like or if it was something for me. The fellowship helped me solidify what I’m passionate about and why. I care about food security because it’s one of many issues that need to be addressed if we want to lift people out of poverty. For me, food is something that touches everyone, every single day; whether they’re thinking about what to eat or what they don’t have to eat. And that’s powerful. How many other things so importantly touch our lives like that every single day? The fellowship gave me a space to explore that passion and to develop it. Most importantly, it gave me hope for the future and showed me what I wanted to do."

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Senior at Duke University



Asset Mapping, Community Outreach, Data Analysis, Urban Gardening, Research