Adrienne Lauchert

2016 Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation Fellow

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Adrienne's impact

Adrienne worked with EdNC and Students for Education Reform (SFER) to contribute to the North Carolina Public School Forum Study Group XVI Report as co-author of the trauma in learning section. She crafted a narrative view of trauma in learning and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), built around the idea of response management that she has articulated through a series of pieces on EdNC.

Adrienne also co-produced an EducationNC Bootcamp with Nate Barilich in Edgecombe County that featured school leadership across the district, business leaders, community stakeholders, and students. The bootcamp was the first to be held outside of the Triangle.

Finally, Adrienne worked with SFER to expand the organization to Edgecombe and Nash counties.

Read Adrienne's blog posts:

Read Adrienne's writing at EdNC.

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High School Academic Program Coordinator at DREAM Charter School in New York, NY



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