Since its inception in 2015, the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation Fellowship summer program has invested in seventeen emerging leaders across three cohorts.



JKHF Fellows are current community college or university students, emerging leaders finding their way after school, young professionals looking to make a difference, creatives seeking to influence change through their work, or community activists looking for a project to impact. These individuals are engaged and driven to make a difference in their communities.

JKHF Fellows are selected from a talented pool of applicants who self-identify or are nominated as emerging changemakers or leaders seeking to work on the issues affecting North Carolina. JKHF matches each Fellow with high-impact opportunities suited to further develop their growth and knowledge of the state's most pressing issues. Paired with JKHF Fellowship curriculum, JKHF Fellows emerge from the program better equipped and connected to tackle their priority issue.

JKHF Fellows are paid a stipend and qualify for additional benefits such as housing, transportation, and childcare based on need.



Our program is developed around four guiding tenets and is built around workshops, trainings, site visits, lunch and learns with community leaders, leadership assessments, and team-building activities to complement the Fellows community organization placement.

1. Leadership as a process

2. Developing Work Ethic

3. Self-Reflection

4. Community Engagement and Connections