Dear Friend,
We trust that 2018 finds you rested and re-energized to continue our important work toward a better North Carolina. In that vein, we wanted to alert you to some changes at the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation. 
As you know, the Foundation, from its founding, has honored Jamie’s work, vision, and life by planting seeds of hope and change in organizations and communities throughout our state.
As we evaluate our work at the five-year mark, and in light of the tireless work throughout the community of co-founder Nation Hahn, the board has determined that JKHF will transition funds as of March 1, 2018 to the NC Community Foundation. There, we have set up a donor-advised fund that will continue to honor Jamie and her legacy.  At this stage of the organization’s life, it provides a more efficient use of our resources as we move forward. We remain excited by the spirit of the entire community surrounding the Foundation that will allow us to continue to work in Jamie’s honor. 
Jamie believed deeply that her work, and the work of those she aligned with, must always be future focused. She understood that the power to transform our state didn’t live within any one organization, but instead lived within ideas, values, and people. The Jamie Kirk Hahn Fund will carry that ideal forward as it continues to fund unmet needs in the vital work of improving North Carolina for every North Carolinian.
If you have ongoing scheduled gifts to the Foundation, you can simply redirect those funds to the Jamie Kirk Hahn Fund.
Or, you may alert your bank or credit card to discontinue those donations. We will stay in close touch about ways to continue Jamie’s work through this Fund
Thank you for your support of our work. We are proud of the Foundation’s profound impact in such a short amount of time. And we are honored and humbled that so many people have come to know Jamie through the work of Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation. 
To know Jamie was to love Jamie and we are confident that love will carry on.
JKHF Board of Directors

Jamie Kirk Hahn's was a life well lived. She was a wife, a daughter, a volunteer, a political activist, an animal lover, an idealist, and a friend to everyone she met.