Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation

Inspired by the legacy of Jamie Kirk Hahn, we empower and motivate emerging leaders to lift up their communities, their state, and their world. In other words, we help the helpers.

We seek to support public servants, citizen activists and those who can lift their communities to new heights.

Together, we are an army of Jamies

  • Naveed
  • Claire
  • Elizabeth B
  • *:゚・☆Piano
  • All Oksion
  • Jenn
  • Michael
  • America's
  • Edna
  • Nancy
  • Samuel
  • Shannon
  • Robert
  • Joyce

Mailing Address - 105 Brooks Ave., Raleigh, NC 27607 
Phone -  919-842-5788 Email - Friends@JamieKirkHahnFoundation.Org
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